How do Select the correct Yarn count for your specific fabric (Lycra 1×1 Rib) GSM ?

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Select the correct Yarn count for Lycra 1×1 Rib fabric:
In my post I will introduce you with some equations, with which we can select the actual yarn count for knit the fabric. These are vary for fabric types.
Lycra 1×1 Rib 
Say, the require GSM is 220
Yarn count  = (-0.119) X (GSM) + 59.12
                   = (-0.119) X (220) + 59.12
                   = -26.18 + 59.12
                   = 32.94
So, to knit 220 gsm Lycra 1×1 Rib fabric we need yarn count 32.94/s
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