Job List of a Merchandiser


On receiving an inquiry(s) the merchandiser must prepare a checklist and immediately forward all information to 3 factories from the approved factory list for pricing.
The merchandiser must make sure that the factory specializes in the item being priced and has worked with the client before.
2a. Selection of supplier should be based on their previous performance, efficiency, delivery, etc.
3.  If it is a new client then the merchandiser must discuss the inquiry(s) with the dept. head before sending out the inquiry(s).
3a. In case of a new factory, a factory evaluation should be conducted as per the set standards.


Prices must be sent within 1-2 days of receiving the inquiry.
All enquires must be entered in to the new development sheet.
Based on the lowest price the merchandiser must order proto sample. Min. 2 pieces must be ordered. One sample for the customer and one office sample.
Before quoting any prices to the customer. The merchandiser should get all prices approved by the Head of Merchandising or Managing Director.
If renegotiation is required then involve the dept. head, Head of Merchandising and Managing Director so that the best prices are finalized with the factories.
Final quoted price must be updated on the new development sheet.


Upon receipt of buyer’s specification, a thorough check should be conducted for precision. Obtain explanation from customer for anything considered vague.
Forward the specification sheets/Pattern to the selected supplier with all the explanation of specifications & technicalities on as & when received basis & update records.
Ensure timely availability of fabric.
Follow-up with the supplier to provide the sample latest within 2 days for local accessories & fabrics, in case of imported items maximum 12 days.
Upon receipt of the sample from the supplier thoroughly check the followings
Measurement (if any)
Quality of the fabric
Fabric construction/GSM
Hand feel of the fabric
Washing standard
Finishing of the sample & accessories if any
Ensure compliance of the samples as per customer’s specifications.
6.  At least 3 pieces of each sample should be developed. One for merchandisers, one for the customer & one for the suppliers for future references.
7.  Prepare Proto Sample Checking Sheet
8.  Put duly filled sample card on the sample.
9.  Forward the samples as & when received basis & advice customer accordingly with all the details of dispatch.
10.  Follow with the customers for approvals/comments.
11.  Once approved, advice supplier as well as Head of Quality Control.
12.  Update Order Checklist (if any) otherwise make checklist based on the style.

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