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Dear All,
For calculating the consumption of your knit garments pls follow the below instruction. The following information you need at first, as listed below:

(During the consumption pls used measurement of middle size for calculation or used the size which have most of the qty. If the style have 6 sizes then used size number 04 for consumption. Here we will consider the size: “L” for calculate the consumption)

i. Body length of the garments in cm. Say it is – 73 cm

ii. Sleeve length of the garments in cm. Say it is – 19.5 cm

iii. Approximate sewing allowance at body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem & armhole joint (in cm). Say it is – 10 cm

iv. Chest width (1/2) in cm. Say it is – 52 cm

v. Approximate sewing allowance at both side seam (in cm). Say it is – 4 cm

vi. Fabric GSM (finish). Say it is – 160 gsm

vii. Approximate fabric wastage in various stage. Say it is – 10%

(In this regards pls note that, fabric wastage depend on how many additional elements the garments have,which may changed in any time.If the garments has rotary print, enzyme stone wash etc than the fabric wastage will be more than normal wastage)

If you already have all the above information then,now just put the following information and get the fabric consumption. otherwise you can follow the below rules

{(B/length + S/length + Sewing Allowance) X (1/2 Chest + Sewing Allowance)}X 2 X GSM X 12 / 10000000 + Wastage

= {(73 + 19.5 + 10) X (52 + 4)} X 2 X 160 X 12 / 10000000 + 10%

=  (102.5 X 56) X 2 X 160 X 12 / 10000000 + 10%

= 5740 X 2 X 160 X 12 /10000000 +10%

= 22041600 / 10000000 + 10%

= 2.20416 + 10 %

= 2.424576

= 2.43 kg per dozen. (Consumption)

Hope everything is now clear to all.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Awaiting for a formula for bottom items as well from you.

  3. ehbipul says:


    Have you any Picture & size spec of bottom item. Pls e-mail me.

    Thanks & best regards

  4. Anonymous says:


    Already sent to your email address. Eagerly awaiting. Thanks a lot!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eagerly awaiting for the formulas on bottom items..

  6. ehbipul says:

    Please, wait a little bit more.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Biplob,

    Hope you haven't forgot us. Still awaiting for a brief formula on both Woven & Knit items.

  8. Shafi says:

    Really a great blogs

  9. Rawmi says:

    pls take note ur b/length & formula length isn't same. Pls clear it bcoz i'm a learner & getting too much help from dis site.Thnx!

  10. ehbipul says:

    Hi Rawmi,

    Many thanks for your comments and help me to find out the problem.

    Now I have update the information. A line was missing.

    Hope,now it is clear to you.Pls confirm


  11. Anonymous says:

    i enter this bloge first time ,it is a nice blog and i hope, i will get tramendous support form this blog

  12. ehbipul says:

    Dear Zabed,



  13. Dear Bipul,

    You have a greate job…Many thanks for your above clarification.
    Pls could you advoice same on the below:
    (X 2 X GSM X 12 / 10000000 + Wastage)
    The above what for 2 X GSM ok X what for 12 / what for 10000000 + Wastage ok.

    Pls if you dont mind, bcoz of i am at learning stage.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A grt thing is done by u brother.After finding a lot of times,today i have found a useful blog.Loge live u & ur blog May GOD bless u .


  15. Rabi says:

    hi Bipul…pls provide ladies knit panty fabric consumption formula.


  16. Rabi says:

    hi Bipul ..pls let me know the ladies panty fabric consumption formula.


  17. kal says:

    you didn't mention the neck rib in your calculation

  18. ahmed niaz says:

    hi Bipul Bro
    can u clear me why we dividing with 10000000?i can not understand this it any unit or ??

  19. Rakib Ahamed says:

    ব্লগ টা অনেক ভালো লেগেছে। আটার জন্য ১টি ফ্যান পেজ তৈরিকরে দিলাম, বিপুল ভাই চাইলে মালিকানা উনাকে দিয়ে দিবো,

  20. This easy method to calculate knit consumption.

  21. kal says:

    don't you have to add neck rib fabric in consumption?

  22. Megha P says:

    Hi Bipul,

    This is a gr8 help!
    Bt hv few queries, pls adv…
    Why width nt been considered? Wat width do we consider? Why is it calculated by 12/10000000? why the final answer mention as consumption per dozen? hw can we calculate on per pc basis?

  23. dear mr bipul bai
    can you tell me how to calculate consumption and costing of a Basic polo shirt and basic tank-top.
    i am at learning stage.pls boss help me

  24. need polo shirt consumption

  25. GM RASHED says:

    Frequently people ask why use 10000000 in consumption formula??
    The basic formula per piece is L x W x 2/10000*GSM/1000
    L= Body & sleeve length with allowance
    W= Chest measurement with allowance
    2= as each garment have two part
    10000= is a big question?? see we get fabric area by using basic formula but we need to know how much fabric is required in kgs??
    Usually we know GSM (grams per square meter) so we've to convert the fabric into square meter. 1m=100cm, 1sqr meter=10000 cm (100cm x 100cm), so divide fabric area by 10000. so now we get fabric in Sqr meter.
    *GSM= multiplying by GSM we get total grams of fabric
    1000= why 1000? now its simple. we have total grams of fabric and dividing 1000 we get kgs. 1kg=1000 gram.

    People commonly divide by 100000000 (10000×1000) to get fabric in kgs.

    hope it make you clear-pls let me ask if anything unclear.

  26. EduJobs says:


    Really nice effort!

    But sleeve width is dropped! Sleeve consumption should be added with body consumption separately for accurate consumption. As per formula sleeve length is added with body length. That is, body length is now =73+19.5=92.5cm. (Probably that is why sleeve width is not added with chest measurement for balance!).

    Thank you all.


  27. ashimdan says:

    At last a great site for knit-garment manufacturers!

  28. nahidworld says:

    The word garment denotes an article of clothing. The garment industry is a multi-million dollar industry involved in the advertising, manufacture, distribution, wholesaling, retailing, alterations and more. Each garment that is purchased and worn by the customer represents a countless hours of planning, preparation and execution to arrive at the finished product.

  29. vaneeza anum says:

    why is the equation divided by 10000000 ???

  30. vaneeza anum says:

    why is the equation divided by 10000000????

  31. harun rashid says:

    For a t-shirt ,
    1. consumption for body fabric
    2. then for sleeve
    3. after that Rib
    with allowance .

    can any 1 tell me how to consump sewing threat ?

  32. harun rashid says:

    people at factory used to do consumption in a different way !!

  33. harun rashid says:

    but i saw people in Factory used do consumption in a different way !!

  34. Yes, factory do the consumption by using pattern on the cutting table. We called it as Marka lay consumption. Factory do that, before place the fabric booking. Thanks.


  35. bipul vai i need current yarn price..can you give me?

  36. Maati Minhaz says:

    Really great work …..

  37. can any one please let me know formula from kg to yard???
    very urgent

  38. M.I. Monir says:

    I am Monir from Bangladesh. I wanted some photo and Information send to you. about Merchandising Calculation for Woven.

    i study now BGEMA University of Fashion & Technology(BUFT).

  39. M.I. Monir says:

    Mr Bipul Vai,
    I can help you about Apparel merchandising ? If you want than I can help u. because I study in BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology(BUFT) from Bangladesh. more information i give you. when you will agree.

    Best regards
    Phone: +8801920205456

  40. Please help me by providing some photo and information details.


  41. Please help me by providing some photo and information details.


  42. Mahedi Kabir says:

    please provide me the consumption formula of girls panti

  43. tagul says:

    Also i m waiting for the formula of knit bottom item.

  44. tagul says:

    Also i am waiting for the formulas on knit bottom items….(

  45. Naveen Prabu says:

    Pls Explain the meaning for 12 & 1crore in this formula.

  46. Kayes says:

    Its really amusing site. Particularly for a starter in this sector like me!!

    But could anyone help me about the consumption of Rib, plz?

  47. Kayes says:

    Its an amusing site, particularly for me, like a starter!!
    But I am wondering about the Rib consumtion of knit item. Can anyone help me out plz??

  48. ariful islam says:

    i am happy about your consumption

  49. Love to Live says:

    thanks Mr Bipul….nice work.

  50. Sue says:

    Hi Bipul,

    If there is two pockets and a collar , can you show me how does it calculate ? It's very urgent, your help is greatly appreciate. Thank you.


  51. Sue says:

    hi bipul,

    how do they order knitted fabric from fabric supplier ? Do they order by kg or yds ? If it is yds how should I calculate it into yds ? pls explain. Thank you.

  52. Sue says:

    Hi Bipul,

    In garment industry how they order kitted fabric ? is it by kg or yds ? If it's by yds how should I convert it into yds? pls explain. Tks.

  53. saiful islam says:

    why sleeve width{armhole straight} is not added with chest measurement for fabric consumption.tell me anybody urgently ,thanks>01845878419

  54. saiful islam says:

    why sleeve width{armhole straight} is not added with chest measurement for fabric consumption.tell me anybody urgently ,thanks>01845878419

  55. SUMAN BISWAS says:

    I m grateful to Bipul Vai

  56. Fahad Ali says:

    hi monir i am looking over costing for a knitted garment . Can u help me out ? my email address is

  57. Rich Kaisar says:

    thank you to all.i want to take RMG sector as a professional challenge.

  58. Rich Kaisar says:

    thanks to share.i invite all to share 01915158419

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