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About The Fabric (Woven)

Fabric weave is the pattern of weave or structure given to the fabric. It is an ancient textile art and craft, which places two, threads or yarn onto a warp and weft of a loom to produce a...


Latest Sweater yarn price List

Dear All, Please find herewith the Latest Sweater yarn price List S/ L YARN DESCRIPTION YARN COUNT UNIT      Price (US$/ Lbs) GAUGE REMARKS 0 1 100 % Acrylic 2/ 32  SMM $1.8 5 3,5,7  GG...


Raw Cotton Price

Please find below the quotations for different types of Indian Origin Raw Cotton: Cotton Type SHANKAR 6 GUJARAT SHANKAR 6 GUJARAT MECH-1/ BUNNY MCU-5 MCU-5 J-34 DCH-32 Staple Length 29 MM 1.1/8” 30 MM...